About Our Spa & Massages

At Guelph Studio we believe that you should be fully pampered and once you come here you’ll know that there is no other holistic massage spa like us. We are sure you will make our spa, your home away from Home.

We realize that every client has individual preferences. We try to cater to most needs by having a wide selection of upmarket ladies available.

We provide front and back parking for our clients, which is very convenient, safe and private.

Our Location Cleanliness

We invite you into our clean fresh surroundings where we provide an exclusive personalized service where your privacy & personal needs are our top priority.

Although we have always took pride in how clean and sanitary our location is, we have taken many additional precautions since the COVID-19 pandemic began. When you come to get one of our massages, you can be sure that you are completely safe with Guelph Studio due to the extensive precautions that have been added.

You could learn more about our COVID-19 sanitization by clicking below!

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